Welcome to Flowerspy.com. If you love flowers, need flowers or want to learn more about flowers, you have come to the right place! Flowerspy.com features work by award winning floral design studio, A Garden of Earthly Delights, as well, provides information on plantscaping, beautification and environmental art projects. A link to our blog, Neglected Beauty, is here too. Neglected Beauty is a collection of little stories about people, places and plants in our world that merit our attention, perhaps through a second look or a change in perspective… for they can offer us so much more than meets the eye. 

Flowers and plants are a vital part of our lives, without them there would be no environment, no beauty. At Flowerspy.com our goal is to educate and inspire our clients and readers to always find the beauty wherever they go– be it an enchanting garden, a forest of overgrown vines and trees or a run down industrial landscape. The true beauty of a plant and flower can always be found, winding its way through the cracks and crevices, eventually making it’s way into our hearts and souls if we are lucky enough to pay attention.

From stems and seeds, to flowers and weeds, we honor and respect every aspect of the beautiful, mysterious world of plants and hope you will too. Enjoy your visit.

~ The Flower Spy

  The Flower Spy in the Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico