Forager and Beauty Hunter

With a career spanning over 20 years in the flower industry, Carole Aine Langrall is a forager at heart. Her passion is gathering wild, native plants from the forest to the desert, and combining them with luscious, locally grown flowers to create her one of a kind designs, based on sustainability, imagination and a deep reverence for nature.

Carole started in the floriculture industry working for Colombian flower growers &  wholesalers in the 90’s where she learned about the production, care and marketing of flowers. Later, she became a sought after designer working in  Washington, D.C. before opening her studio, A Garden of Earthly Delights, in Baltimore. As a designer, she saw the negative effect South American flower farms had on American flower growers and began shopping in her backyard. Today, she forages wherever she goes and uses area wholesalers and organic farms, importing exotic or hard to find flowers only upon request.

A move out west to New Mexico in 2010 introduced Carole to a new world of beauty: the desert. She became a Master Gardener and added plantscaping to her resume. Her monthly column in the Santa Fe New Mexican, “Santa Fe in Bloom,” highlights the native plants & gardens of northern New Mexico which she has written since 2012. Her knowledge and love of the floral industry has garnered the attention of botanical gardens, garden clubs, art galleries and museums throughout Maryland and New Mexico. Carole’s work has been featured in a variety of national and regional media outlets. Visit: for a complete listing.  

Carole is available for speaking engagements, design classes and provides services for destination weddings, photo shoots and special events. 

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