Environmental Art

By definition, environmental art is artistic works intended to enhance or become part of the environment or make a statement on environmental issues. Some call it earth art. If it is flower based, multi-media floral art. No matter what you call it, this is an art form where nature, vision, creativity and a wild imagination come together to inspire the senses and expand the mind.

The art in this gallery has been created with discarded items from dumps, arroyos and neglected backyards, forest floors, roadsides and botanical elements collected from the desert and sea. When combined, they create something thought provoking and exciting, something that is new and fresh that makes you think twice about what we consider trash or no longer functional. 

The following pieces are from an environmental art show at New Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, featuring the work of Carole Aine Langrall, Brian Arthur and Richard Solomon. The first environmental art show of its kind, it was covered by Pasatiempo, the Santa Fe Gallery Association and THE Magazine. Carole’s “Seated Orchids” was recently a part of the Howard P. Rawlings Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Celebration of Orchids exhibit. 

“The environmental art of Brian Arthur” was a featured story in “Santa Fe in Bloom” — a monthly column that appears in the Santa Fe New Mexican’s HOME Magazine.  

Visit Brian’s website at: http://bastelladesign.com/